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Emergency Service

In order to better serve our customers, we offer a 24-hour emergency service number.  If you are calling after regular business hours, you will reach our answering service.  If you have an emergency, please leave us a message.  Calls are taken in the order in which they are received, with the following exception: "NO HEAT" calls take priority over other problems.

Annual Service

Having your heating system in peak operating condition and firing the maximum efficiency means more value for your heating dollars.  It also means less chance of your heating system breaking down in the middle of a cold winter's night.  Please call the office for an appointment.  We offer a summer cleaning special billed at a reduced rate.
Helpful Service Tips

If your residence is a second or summer home, please do not leave it unattended during the winter.  Have a friend or neighbor check your home regularly or drain the pumps and add anti-freeze.  This will eliminate freeze-ups and unnecessary costs from damage.  There are also temperature devices called "Winter Watchman" that can be installed which will notify you if your home falls below the desired set temperature.  If you have a second source of heat, leave it on as a back-up.

If your furnace is not running, please try the following before you call us.  It could save you money.

• Check the thermostat settings
• Make sure the emergency switch is on
• Check circuit breakers
• Physically check the amount of product in the tank

Automatic Delivery

This recommended method is a simple, convenient option for our customers.  Automatic deliveries are computer generated.  As a customer receiving automatic deliveries, your delivery will be based on degree days.  Our computer keeps record of the outside temperature and tells us approximately how much propane you will be using and when you will need a delivery.  It is recommended, however that during extremely cold weather that you also make periodic checks of your fuel supply.  (Because our computer system does not know the exact temperature that you keep your thermostat, the usage of propane cannot be calculated 100%)  Just as you check the fuel gauge in your car and fill it when necessary, you as the homeowner, need to be aware of your propane usage, especially when we are experiencing sub-zero temperatures.  Our guarantee is not that you will never run out of fuel.  Our guarantee is that if you do run out, we will bring you fuel and restart your furnace with no service charge, even if it is in the middle of the night.

Call Delivery

Another delivery option is the call method.  In this case, the customer keeps track of their propane use and calls our office when a delivery is needed.  With this delivery option, a 48-hour notice is required with a minimum delivery of 75 gallons.  Our trucks cover a large area, and routes are scheduled in advance.  Short notice or emergency deliveries will incur a service charge.  Propane deliveries are made Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Helpful Delivery Tips

• Please keep the driveway plowed and sanded
• Please keep paths shoveled to propane tanks
• Please have the correct house number in view
• Please have pets tied and away from tanks


Be sure each member of your household is able to recognize the odor of propane gas.  They should also know how to shut off the gas supply at the container.


The odor of gas may be because a burner valve is partially turned on or a pilot light on your range is out.  Check both and close any open burner valves.  Then air out the house before re-lighting pilots.

If the burner valve or the pilot light is not the cause of the gas leak, proceed as follows:

1.  Do not strike matches or operate electrical switches.
2.  Have everyone leave the house.
3.  Shut off the gas supply at the container(s).
4.  Call your gas service person from your neighbor's house.

DO NOT ENTER HOUSE and DO NOT TURN ON GAS until a service person has corrected the cause of the leak!


If you smell gas, call your gas service person.  Stay away from the area until the condition is corrected